Award-winning artist George Arkomanis (Tristan) is one of the
most distinguished and talented people, in the field of art & entertainment.
His unique capacity as a composer, magician and conductor, has made the legendary
  magician Michael Ammar, attribute to him the nickname “The Maestro Magician”.

He was born in Athens and from a very young age he was

in contact with arts, growing in a cultural home - open to many artists.
He started early with his education as a musician with Jack Rogers (classical guitar),
while at the same time he made his first self-taught steps in the world of magic.
Then, he studied the Greek folk and eclectic music -in theory and in practice- with
the help of important artists of this kind (Christos Konstantinou, Nikos Tatasopoulos,
Ilias Lepeniotis, Kostas Vamvoukos and others) and from 1998 he started his
professional path, as a composer, arranger and bouzouki soloist.
At the same time he attended piano and theory lessons with Tasos Xirakis and
then harmony, morphology, music analysis and singing with Gregoris Sourmaidis,
as well as jazz harmony and orchestration with Nikos Kotaras.

He studied “Special Harmony” with Philippos Hiou (Orpheus Conservatory),

Special Counterpoint”, “Fugue”, “Composition” with Nikos Kariotis (National
Music Academy
) and “Conducting” with Rafail Pilarinos (LCM, University Of
West London
). Furthermore, he is the first Greek who has received the title “FLCM”.

He has taken part in conferences, seminars, workshops and master classes
(magic, music,
performance, kinaesthetic, philosophy, music therapy, psychology etc.
) of distinguished
people (Theodore Antoniou, Kevin James, John Howard, Jeff McBride, Spyros Sakkas,
Dirk Losander
, George Minas, Lee Alex, Michael Vincent and many others

As a magician he started his professional career in 2007, co-founding the well known
artistic duo "Arko Magic", which took part as a finalist in the competition TV show
"Greece Got Talent", getting from judges and audience, unprecedented impressions!

Since then, he has made plenty of appearances in top theatres, on TV & radio shows,
hotels, concert halls, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, event rooms, homes etc.
(Hilton Hotel, MTV, Grand Hyatt, National Geographic, National Opera and others).
Also, he has undertaken the promotion, presentation and advertisement of several
products, creating innovative "magic" ideas for the most prestigious companies
(Coca Cola, La Prairie, Wella, HP and more).

In 2017, the documentary "Talent" of Alexandros Skouras, on George Arkomanis'
(Tristan) life and work, was screened on the national television.

His amazing shows are a unique spectacle, where magic, music, speech and movement
blend together and compose a new - exciting area of expression and meaning.
Through impressive illusions, brilliant mind games, virtuosic sleight of hand
demonstrations & original music, Tristan immerses spectators into a world,
full of mystery, suspense, humor and feeling!
(Tristan Magic Show, Shadows In The Dust, Magic Music, One Magic Show,
Room Of Mysteries, Metaphysical Magic Show, Man Of Miracles etc.

He has taught in various art & culture halls, academic institutions etc.
(Centre Of Classical & Contemporary Music, International Brotherhood Of Magicians,

Thoukidideios Cultural Organization, Greek Academy Of Magicians etc.
He has also written articles, speeches, interviews, essays and poems of general content,
but mainly about arts, society, supernatural, life etc.
Many of those, have been published in newspapers and magazines
(Ta Nea, Artefake, Magician, Ogdoo, etc.).

He is considered -maybe- the only one worldwide, who is involved especially with music
in the art of magic and he has given seminars, master classes and lectures about it
(Music In The Art Of Magic, Magic Music, Music & Performing Arts etc.).

He has composed original music for movies, documentaries, TV shows,
theater, advertisements, performances and more
(Magic, Children Of Internment, Edgar Allan Poe, Almare, Cube, Al The Old
Robot, Mirror Forrest, Marble Thoughts, Demon Of Logic and many others

He has brought out five music albums (Giati M’ Agapises 2011, Rainy Night 2013,

Fake Truths
2014, Confessions 2015, Music Gallery 2016), one DVD (Shadows In
The Dust
2016), as well as other works, accompanying album of other artists
(Martero - Back To The Future, ASMA - At Tonal etc.).

He is a member, seminar coordinator and music director of the International
Brotherhood Of Magicians
(I.B.M.). Also, he is a member of the Greek Academy
Of Magicians
, the International Magicians Society (I.M.S.), the Intependent Music
Development Ring
(A.S.M.A.) and the Las Vegas Magic & Mystery School.

He offers with his great social contribution -unselfishly- his magic at schools,
institutions, families and other people that belong to susceptible groups,
as well as in organizations fighting for the care and help of stray animals.

George Arkomanis
(Tristan) is a contemporary artist who expresses and he is expressed

through the international language of art, serving the needs of a deepest reflective mood.
Through high-standart innovative and impressive magic & music works, he offers his
audience, quality - sophisticated entertainment. His work is characterized by uniqueness,
creativity, professional, artistic and aesthetic consistency, and that is why he is perceived
as one of the most important and popular Greek artists!
With countless distinctions and dithyrambic reviews, he has been awarded
as a composer and as a magician at festivals and competitions.